Safe and Simple Drug Rounds

Spend less time looking through racks and more time caring for residents

Gone are the days of flipping through racks looking for patient’s meds, with MultiMeds drug rounds become safe, simple and efficient. Each pod will contain the resident’s medication for the drug round, the pods are labelled with the patient’s name and the dose, name and strength of the medications within. You simply peal off the seal and pass to the resident for taking, eliminating the need for the carer to come into contact with the medications and reducing risk of infection and errors.

MultiMeds – Each tray is easily identifiable

  • Patient colour photo
  • Name, address and date of birth
  • Colour coded for the relevant drug round and MAR chart.
  • Name of doctor and supplying pharmacy
  • Colour photo of medication within the tray
  • Name, strength, dose information of each drug.
  • Mandatory directions and GP directions for each drug

The Benefits

  • Medication rounds made easy; that’s the best way to describe the MultiMeds with its “Press and Go” pods.
  • Customised Pods tailored to individual patients Needs
  • Resident, medications and drug round information printed on each Pod
  • Lid Card displays specific advisory label information with medication and patient images ideal for easy medication checking.
  • Day Pod carrier packs for resident day trips and day-care
  • Tray storage options including Lock rack cabinets and domiciliary Meds Folder