Advanced Dispensing System

CareMeds is a web based medication dispensing system designed specifically to manage the challenges of complex medication management in the CareHome sector.

  • A secure cloud based medication management system linking GP, Pharmacy and CareHome
  • The ability to audit and track medication throughout cycle
  • Unique, comprehensive and simply presented MARR Charts

The Benefits:

  • CareMeds produces auditing and tracking documentation and unique range of MAR charts.
  • CareMeds is innovative in safety, compliance and reducing errors with simple presentations of complex medication regimes.
  • CareMeds is now used by over 1400 nursing and care home providers via a network of independent pharmacy owners, and supports 7% of UK CareHome market.

CareMeds (eMARR)

Reinventing Dispensing Systems

eMARR replaces paper based MARR charts with a software application supported on a typical tablet PC.

The benefits of eMARR:

  1. Uses the latest in communication technology to provide a reliable and full coverage eMARR system. Easy to use and setup
  2. eMARR is now proven to drastically reduce medication errors and improve medication record management
  3. eMARR produces comprehensive and detailed medication round reports including refused and missed medication doses.

MultiMeds and Caremeds

A Better Way to Manage Medication

MultiMeds and CareMeds work together to provide a seamless medication management system. Caremeds generates a range of unique and innovative printing solutions for the Multimed tray systems, including:

  • Lid card MARR Charts for domiciliary Care
  • Lid cards which display regulatory warnings and medication images
  • Range of custom pod seal formats