MultiMeds is available to all managed care and community patients – just ask your pharmacy, or contact us to find your local provider.

Just get in touch, we’ll have you up and running in no time. There’s no contracts, no exclusivity.

MultiMeds is supplied by Pharmacy providers, its best to speak to them about any potential costs. If you are enquiring from a pharmacy, get in touch.

Guidelines requires that people should be given the medicines they need when they need them, and in a safe way. Inspectors actively check that “procedures exist to ensure the safe handling, audit and grading of medicines”. MultiMeds is just part of the compliance process and must be part of a wider medications policy to ensure you meet regulation requirements.

Its important you give various systems a try and see what works for you. We are confident you’ll then find your own reasons for choosing MultiMeds over other systems.

Its important you follow the drug manufactures guidelines here, on top of that your local CCG will have guidance on what they recommend can and cannot put into a blister. The design, and materials used comply with Class B of the USP24/NF19, but ultimately the sealed must be applied correctly in the pharmacy and rolled with the correct roller to achieve this.
Can controlled drugs go in MultiMeds
No, this would be madness!

MultiMeds pod seals can print utpo 11 lines of meds names on them before rolling over to another tray.

Again, this is not something we think is appropriate, PRN’s belong in boxes or bottles.

The refused medication should be resealed in the MultiMeds pod using the re-sealable seal and then apply a REFUSED sticker and returned to the pharmacy at the end of the cycle remembering to record on the returns chart.

You can find a way of working with the pharmacy as follows;

If a medication is temporarily stopped, you can use the medication pictures on the Meidcation Profile chart (if using CareMeds) to identify and removed the stopped medication, which is then returned to the pharmacy.

The pharmacy can collect the old tray and reissue a new tray and new MAR chart.

Alternatively, the pharmacy may issue an additional tray (if extra medication is required) and an additional MAR for the new medication.