Enjoy Your Independence

Free yourself from bulky traditional blister packs with MultiMeds easy to remove pods. Whether its meeting friends for coffee or just relaxing in the garden simply release your medication pod and go!

Do you have a busy social life but hate the hassle of medication management hile your out and about? Simplify your day with MultiMeds Press and Go MDS Blister pack system. Medications are packed into the tray with the correct dose and time of day for taking. Your pharmacy will look after the dispensing of this edication.

This solution eliminates the concerns and confusion caused at med times when dealing with complex medication regimes. It can help you, your relative or your carer, to ensure you get the 5 Rights of Medication:

  1. The Right Person
  2. The Right Medication
  3. The Right Dose
  4. The Right Time
  5. The Right Route

Each Pod is removable from the tray complete with individual seal for each meds round. The card lid displays your personal details along with pharmacy labelling and if used in connection with CareMeds software, it is possible to have colour photos of the medication.

If you plan to go out for the day, simply press out the pods for the period you plan to be out and take them with you.

The Benefits:

  • Freedom from bulky Traditional Blister packs just release Pod and GO
  • Ideal for patients on the move, perfect for day trips, night out.
  • Large easy to handle Pods for patients with dexterity issues
  • Large Text with colourful seals for visual impaired
  • Available in Weekly or Monthly formats

Speak to your Pharmacist, loved one or care provider to start using MultiMeds weekly blister pack system